Why do Good Things Happen to Bad People? Sefer Ivov / Book of Job

Article Outline:

Last week I stayed up all night learning sefer Iyov, e.g. “The Book of Job” with my daughter. The general cultural understanding is “it’s not fair and there are no answers.” I’ve found at least five answers that apply to different situations.

Question: If sometimes good things happen to bad people, that shows G_d is unjust.

Answer: Sometimes good happens to good people and bad happens to bad people. For the other events G_d wants service out of love, not fear. If you could see the result all the time right away, would only be fear.

Question: Okay, so then that’s still not fair . . .

Answer: It logically follows that there must be world after this where what is cloudy becomes clear, everything works out and makes everything fair.

Question: Why can creatures hurt each other?

Answer: Every creature if given the ability to protect itself. Suppose we got rid of creatures that could hurt others – we’d also get rid of their majesty and be left with worms. What kind of King would that be, to be a King over worms?

Question: I did everything right. Why should I be punished?

Answer: It’s a test. Will you serve G_d anyway?

Question: What about people hurting other people?

Answer: People are given the choice as to hurt or help each other. For example, if you’re a judge you can’t let people go who are going to hurt others.


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