This site is primarily written by Moshe Feigin, Torah Observant Jew (aka. “Orthodox” Jew) and NY/NJ Patent Attorney and Lawyer.  One can generally find blogs by theologian-types on G_d or the beliefs of various religions, and one can generally find blogs about people’s professions.  Areas of “science”, which I’ll loosely define as “how we observe the natural world” and areas of “faith” which I’ll loosely define as “why we think the natural world is the way it is” tend to be two separate topics.  Blogs tend not to mix them, and people tend to be an “expert” in one field, but not the other.  They are two different realms, oftentimes with tension between each.

Who am I?

Focusing down, more personally, I come from a very scientific-minded family.  My chemist grandfather has quite a few patents to his name, and there are no shortages of physicians, pharmacists, electrical engineers, nurses, and so forth on both sides of my family.  Raised in a secular Jewish family, I became Torah observant at about 21 years old (skipping the bar on my 21st birthday, because it fell on Simchas Torah), and have long struggled to find the balance between having the best relationship with the creator through Torah learning, prayer, and carrying out mitzvos while trying to maintain that relationship through the work day and more ‘secular’ learning and activities, including raising five children.

Scope of PatentlyJewish

The purpose of this site is to provide something of a repository for some of my thoughts on the matters of G_d, structure of the universe, and it’s relation to science and living a Torah life as an “average Orthodox Jew” with a scientific tilt.  I’m not a Rabbi and my level of scholarship is no where near what it is required of one, but I do hope to educate and provide an understanding of Torah to readers, as well as open the comments to discussion of issues of living a Torah life while being out there in the world.  This includes how the juxtaposition in my life of Torah and my job, as a Patent Attorney and business owner, effects my work, my time, my way of looking at patents, and how everything intersects.


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